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- Catch up TV on Resurrection. Watch the latest and all other episodes of Resurrection now online, broadcasted on 7Two. Catch up on your favorite 7Two TV show: Resurrection. Replay tv on its best! The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear. An 8-year-old American boy (Landon Gimenez) wakes up alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. Details start to emerge when the boy, who calls himself Jacob, recalls that his hometown is Arcadia, and an Immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps), takes him there.

Total number of episodes: 28
Last episode broadcasted: 22/02/2015 at 08:40
Rating:   3.4 of 5 (41 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • Resurrection - Episode 10

    3.0 | 23 x
    Jacob and Margaret go missing during a violent storm, and the Langstons and Bellamy struggle to find them. Meanwhile, the tempest signals the arrival of a stranger with a mysterious link to Bellamy.
  • December 2014
    Resurrection - Season 2 episode 8

    Expired | 3.0 | 112 x
    Bellamy and Sheriff Fred attempt to stop the True Living members.
  • Resurrection - Season 2 episode 9

    Expired | 4.5 | 66 x
    Maggie is on the cusp of finding a cure for the virus until the unimaginable happens that will bring everything to a grinding halt.
  • November 2014
    Resurrection - Season 2 episode 7

    Expired | 3.0 | 122 x
    Rachael refuses treatment for the virus, fearing for her unborn child. The anti-Returned hate group grows in numbers, including Deputy Carl.
  • Resurrection - Season 2 episode 6

    Expired | 3.0 | 101 x
    A desperately ill Bellamy turns to an unexpected source for help and learns a shocking revelation about his past.
  • Resurrection - Season 2 episode 5

    Expired | 2.0 | 119 x
    As Barbara makes strides in mending her relationship with Fred and Maggie, Margaret steps up her tactics to stop her.
  • Resurrection - Season 2 episode 4

    Expired | 4.0 | 60 x
    Old human bones mysteriously turn up in the river and with them, implications for the Langston family that Margaret is determined to keep hidden.
  • Resurrection - Season 2 episode 3

    Expired | 4.0 | 76 x
    Sensing a need in the community, Tom creates a new parish specifically for the returned and Bellamy decides to confide in him.
  • October 2014
    Resurrection - Season 2 episode 1

    Expired | 2.0 | 209 x
    Bellamy awakens alone at Arcadia's outskirts, missing a week of his life. As his memory returns, he has a shocking revelation.
  • Resurrection - Season 2 episode 2

    Expired | 4.0 | 47 x
    Arcadia welcomes one more returned, Margaret Langston and Janine moves back home.

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