Foyle's War

Catch up TV on . Watch the latest and all other episodes of Foyle's War now online, broadcasted on ABC1. Catch up on your favorite ABC1 TV show: Foyle's War. Replay tv on its best! World War II is over and Christopher Foyle has retired from police work when Britain's MI5 compels him to join its ranks. Foyle faces new threats in the world of spies and counter-intelligence. CAST: Michael Kitchen

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Season 9, Episode 3 (Elise) 1:31:00

3.0 57 x
When his colleague Hilda Pierce is nearly killed in an attempted assassination, Foyle must re-examine her top secret role during the war to find out if a traitor was inside the Special Operations Executive. (Final)
Season 9, Episode 2 (Trespass) 1:30:00

3.0 58 x
After a young student is badly assaulted, Foyle wonders if the attack is racially motivated as the student was the son of a wealthy and high profile Jewish businessman. (Ep 2 of 3)
Season 9, Episode 1 (High Castle) 1:31:00

3.0 53 x
The final season begins with Foyle working for British Intelligence. He is drawn into the world of corrupt Nazi businessmen when a London university professor is found murdered. (Part 1 of 3)
Series 8 Episode 3 Sunflower 1:28:54

Expired 3.0 176 x
Foyle is drawn into the bizarre murder of an ex-Nazi defector. Meanwhile Sam's husband Adam is so preoccupied with his new job she worries whether she'll be able to share some big news with him. CAST: Michael Kitchen
Series 8 Episode 2 1:26:34

Expired 3.0 99 x
Foyle's investigation into the death of a nameless Russian leads to a mysterious military facility run by a respected colonel. CAST: Michael Kitchen
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