Love Child

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Love Child

- Catch up TV on Love Child. Watch the latest and all other episodes of Love Child now online, broadcasted on Channel 9. Catch up on your favorite Channel 9 TV show: Love Child. Replay tv on its best! Kings Cross, 1969: An ambitious midwife returns from London to uncover a system of forced adoptions at the local hospital. A pregnant country girl, Viv, wakes to find she's been drugged by her parents and sent to a home for unwed mothers.

Total number of episodes: 9
Last episode broadcasted: 24/06/2015 at 03:10
Rating: 3.5 of 5 (168 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 48:02 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 8

    4.2 | 1,049 x
    In the season final, Joan makes a terrible choice to save her husband. Matron fights a desperate battle to keep Stanton House open. McNaughton makes a fateful decision that has a drastic impact on Joan and Jim's future.
  • 49:55 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 7

    3.5 | 743 x
    Martha's reunion with her birth mother turns into a nightmare. Joan and Jim's relationship is blown apart by a secret from her past. Annie is distraught to learn she is pregnant again.
  • 44:07 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 6

    4.0 | 1,363 x
    Joan puts the welfare of Jim's baby ahead of her career. Matron makes a deal with the devil in order to save Stanton House from closure. Annie gets closer to Chris, unaware of his history.
  • 45:23 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 5

    3.4 | 1,241 x
    The custody battle over Jim's baby becomes deadly serious. Joan receives a surprising proposal. Annie is deemed an unfit mother when her baby goes missing. Patricia has a life-changing encounter with some hippies.
  • May 2015
    44:36 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 4

    3.1 | 1,510 x
    Joan finds herself in the middle of a violent custody battle over Gail's baby. Patricia faces a crisis when she travels to Melbourne to marry her Prince Charming. Martha is obsessed with seeing Queen Elizabeth during the 1970 royal tour.
  • 46:08 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 3

    3.9 | 1,817 x
    Patricia refuses to sign adoption papers for her unborn baby, with tragic results. Joan gets closer to finding the family of Gail's orphaned baby. Matron's world is rocked when her biological son is released from prison.
  • 47:54 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 2

    4.1 | 1,744 x
    Joan is obsessed with finding the father of Gail's baby. Viv finds an unlikely ally in Matron as she suffers through a difficult labour. Shirley receives a surprise telegram from Vietnam.
  • 45:29 Love Child - Season 2 Episode 1

    3.1 | 5,248 x
    Joan's new career as a doctor is threatened when she helps a pregnant teen. Viv's estranged mother tries to take control of her life. Annie learns a harsh lesson as a single mother in 1970s Kings Cross.
  • July 2014
    Love Child - Season 1 Episode 4

    3.6 | 2,974 x
    As Kings Cross is invaded by soldiers on rest and relaxation leave from the Vietnam War, Joan helps Viv track down her brother. After losing her baby, Annie's life spirals out of control until she is rescued by an unlikely guardian angel.