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The Block

- Catch up TV on The Block. Watch the latest and all other episodes of The Block now online, broadcasted on Channel 9. Catch up on your favorite Channel 9 TV show: The Block. Replay tv on its best! The show begins in an old movie theatre in Melbourne's Albert Park. Two couples, both die-hard fans of the show, compete to become contestants. They're each given $10,000 and 24 hours to create a down town New York loft style apartment.

Total number of episodes: 73
Last episode broadcasted: 01/02/2015 at 22:41
Rating:   3.1 of 5 (130 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 1:06:34 The Block - Triple Threat Episode 3

    3.0 | 4 x
    Round two of the eliminations kicks off! The five remaining contestants will now have 48 hours to completely transform a living and dining area of an apartment. The stakes are higher than ever as these contestants are playing for keeps.
  • January 2015
    1:06:45 The Block - Triple Threat Episode 2

    3.0 | 205 x
    After a gruelling 24 hours renovating a master bedroom, one of our new Block contestants will be eliminated, with only five going through to the next round.
  • 1:02:40 The Block - Triple Threat Episode 1

    1.5 | 224 x
    Scott introduces our six new contestants for the first time. Their first of three renovation elimination challenges is to design and renovate a bedroom in just 24 hours. Who will be the first to go?
  • October 2014
    1:26:39 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 66

    4.5 | 842 x
    In an action packed final it's a Block first as Max and Karstan say I do in front of their friends and family and all their fellow contestants. Then its the moment everyone's been working towards, as the five spectacular apartments finally go under t
  • 28:46 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 65

    4.0 | 380 x
    Catch up on all the drama of the week and learn the design secrets of each couple as they guide you through their completed rooms. Hosted by Shelley Craft.
  • 54:47 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 63

    4.0 | 314 x
    The contestants hand over their final spaces to judges Neale, Shaynna and John McGrath. Once again, one team goes home with $20,000 slashed from their reserve price come auction day.
  • 55:10 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 62

    4.0 | 203 x
    The common areas take shape but Simon and Shannon struggle with the unpredictable Melbourne weather and Chris and Jenna struggle to get along.
  • 50:10 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 61

    3.0 | 91 x
    There are seven days of renovating left for our teams as they get started on the last five rooms in apartment 6. There are plenty of delays in the kitchen as Darren and Keith lock heads.
  • 50:43 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 60

    3.0 | 149 x
    Tonight the judges change the game for three teams when they judge the first five rooms in apartment 6. The winning team scores 29 out of 30 and $20,000 off their reserve.
  • 27:00 The Block - Glasshouse Episode 59

    3.0 | 181 x
    Glasshouse Episode 59 of the TV-show The Block was broadcasted by Channel 9 on Saturday 4 October 2014 at 0:58.

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