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The Bachelor

- Catch up TV on The Bachelor. Watch the latest and all other episodes of The Bachelor now online, broadcasted on GO!. Catch up on your favorite GO! TV show: The Bachelor. Replay tv on its best! One lucky man gets the opportunity to find the woman of his dreams, and hopefully his bride-to-be-in this prime time reality series. The Bachelor embarks on a romantic journey meeting 25 women, then selecting 15 as potential mates.

Total number of episodes: 10
Last episode broadcasted: 26/12/2014 at 03:49
Rating: 3.0 of 5 (12 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 1:03:22 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 10

    3.0 | 101 x
    Juan Pablo faces 17 of the season's bachelorettes, including Sharleen, who explains the reasons behind her conflicted feelings and her decision to leave.
  • 1:24:31 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 9

    3.0 | 90 x
    The final three women are invited to St. Lucia with Juan Pablo. Each woman receives a invitation to join him in a fantasy suite however a shock is coming that no-one expects.
  • 1:22:50 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 8

    4.0 | 118 x
    In the first of a two night event Juan Pablo starts his whirlwind trip across the country visiting the final four women's hometowns. Nikki welcomes Juan but still struggles to tell him how she feels.
  • 1:22:50 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 11

    3.0 | 111 x
    Season 18 Episode 11 of the TV-show The Bachelor was broadcasted by GO! on Friday 12 December 2014 at 4:08.
  • November 2014
    1:23:01 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 7

    2.0 | 119 x
    Juan Pablo Galavis, the single father from Miami, Florida hoping to find true love. On the hottest season of the Bachelor yet and with 27 women to chose from, can the sexy Spaniard find what he's looking for?
  • 1:24:53 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 6

    3.0 | 56 x
    Love blooms in the lush island country of New Zealand as Juan Pablo's adventure continues with the eight remaining women. Andi, desperate to get alone time with the Bachelor, claims the week's first one-on-on date.
  • 1:25:06 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 5

    3.0 | 96 x
    Breathtaking Vietnam becomes the romantic backdrop for Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining bachelorettes. Renee is overjoyed when she is picked for a one-on-one date, but will she get the opportunity to tell the Latin heartthrob how she really feels?
  • 1:24:38 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 4

    3.0 | 52 x
    Juan Pablo and the 13 remaining bachelorettes travel to Seoul, South Korea, where six of the women go on a group date involving karaoke and a boat tour.
  • October 2014
    1:25:44 The Bachelor - Season 18 Episode 2

    3.0 | 176 x
    We've met the new Bachelor Juan Pablo, now see him in his element as the sexy former professional soccer player sand dedicated father, meets 27 potential soul mates and gets another shot at love.
  • January 2014
    The Bachelor - Season 17 Episode 2

    3.0 | 71 x
    The group date this week features professional photo shoots for a romance novel. Sean also takes one lucky lady to the top of an LA Skyscraper for a 360 foot free fall via ropes.