The Originals

Catch up TV on . Watch the latest and all other episodes of The Originals now online, broadcasted on GO!. Catch up on your favorite GO! TV show: The Originals. Replay tv on its best! Klaus and Rebekah trade angry accusations until Elijah reveals a dark secret from the family's past. Meanwhile, Marcel races to free Rebekah but he has to make a deal with Genevieve.

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Season 2 Episode 21 40:35

3.0 177 x
Hayley and Jackson try to escape through the flooded bayou, as Marcel finds himself hunted by a dangerous new threat. Davina debates a life-altering decision.
Season 2 Episode 20 40:41

3.0 63 x
Following a tense standoff between Elijah and Jackson, Hayley must make a difficult decision. Vincent approaches Davina with an offer that leaves her intrigued.
Season 2 Episode 19 40:44

3.0 44 x
Dahlia gives Klaus and Hayley a deadline to turn over baby Hope. Freya gives Rebekah and Elijah an ultimatum.
Season 2 Episode 18 40:45

3.0 58 x
Desperate to vanquish Dahlia, Klaus soon finds himself face to face with another deadly threat: Mikael. Hayley is conflicted.
Season 2 Episode 17 40:43

3.0 87 x
Klaus is forced to put aside his mistrust for Freya in order to save Rebekah's life. Josephine makes a startling revelation about Hayley's future.
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