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Total number of episodes: 32
Last episode broadcasted: 26/03/2015 at 13:00
Rating:   3.4 of 5 (60 votes)

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  • 00:30 Vikings - S3 Ep 4 - promo

    2.5 | 37 x
    Scarred - There is bitterness in the camp and Floki is angry over the alliance with Ecbert. #vikings.
  • 44:55 Vikings - S3 Ep3 - Warrior's Fate

    4.0 | 53 x
    Warrior's Fate - King Ecbert visits the developing Viking settlement as the first harvest is sown and rebuffs criticism from his leading nobles. The Wessex/Viking forces charge into battle with Mercia. In Kattegat, Harbard arrives in to the Great Hall and his mysterious aura fascinates Aslaug and Helga but Siggy remains su...
  • 42:27 Vikings - S3 Ep2 - The Wanderer

    4.3 | 105 x
    The Wanderer - In tonight's double episode series return, Lagertha and Athelstan help to establish the Viking settlement in Wessex. Harbard, a mysterious wanderer, arrives in Kattegat, realising the forewarned dreams of Aslaug, Siggy and Helga. (S.3,Ep.2) (From Canada & Ireland) (Drama Series) MA(V) CC
  • 47:02 Vikings - S3 Ep1 - Mercenary

    3.0 | 126 x
    Mercenary - The Nordic warriors with an insatiable appetite for brutal warfare, unrestrained passion, fierce alliances and ruthless betrayals have sailed back to local shores, ready to pillage and conquer Australian television screens again. In the series return, Ragnar and Lagertha's fleets depart Kattegat once more for W...
  • 00:30 Vikings - S3 - Promo

    Expired | 3.0 | 21 x
    S3 - Promo of the TV-show Vikings was broadcasted by SBS 2 on Thursday 12 March 2015 at 13:00.
  • 44:55 Vikings - S1 Ep1 - Rites Of Passage

    Expired | 4.0 | 243 x
    Rites of Passage - The world of the Vikings is brought to life in this dramatic new series. The story begins in 8th-century Scandinavia where Ragnar Lothbrok is a warrior and a farmer who dreams of finding riches by bucking the tradition of raiding to the east. Ragnar has been working in secret on a project that will turn ...
  • 45:26 Vikings - S1 Ep2 - Wrath Of The Northmen

    Expired | 3.0 | 68 x
    Wrath of the Northmen - The stage is set for the first journey west by Ragnar Lothbrok as he gathers a crew willing to risk their lives to travel into the unknown. Earl Haraldson’s paranoia reaches new heights as it becomes apparent that trust is hard to come by in this dark era. Stars Travis Fimmel, Alyssa Sutherland and ...
  • 43:33 Vikings - S1 Ep3 - Dispossessed

    Expired | 3.0 | 45 x
    Dispossessed - A monastery in Lindesfarne is about to get a firsthand look at how the Vikings operate. In and out in a flurry of violence and terror, Ragnar and his crew raid the monastery for everything it contains from treasure to monks who can be sold as slaves. Unable to ignore the riches this unsanctioned journey has...
  • 43:38 Vikings - S1 Ep4 - Trial

    Expired | 3.0 | 25 x
    Trial - The Vikings head back to England to see what other treasures this new world has to offer. Ragnar and his crew sail out with Earl Haraldson’s permission and with Earl Haraldson’s spy. After bloodshed on the beach, the Vikings choose the Sabbath to invade the town of Hexam and unleash a flood of violence and panic. I...
  • 42:34 Vikings - S1 Ep5 - Raid

    Expired | 4.0 | 46 x
    In the Great Hall of Kattegat, a seer reads Earl Haraldson?s future and tells him that Ragnar Lothbrok wishes for his death. The unanswerable question is whom do the gods favor more? As a man willing to defend his power and status to the death, Haraldson intends to take precautionary measures. Ragnar, his home and farm bur...

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