48 Hours

March 2021

2020 Episode 13

3.3 326 x
A Michigan woman accused of setting fire to her family home and murdering her husband in 2007 speaks out.

2019 Episode 23

4.3 87 x
Did Lizzie Borden kill her father and stepmother in 1892? What if everything people think they know about the case is wrong? Take a fresh look at a very cold case that turns up surprising results.

2019 Episode 22

4.0 60 x
48 Hours investigates the controversial murder case against Kevin Cooper and explore the two new witnesses who came forward, new DNA testing and the California governor who could spare his life.

2019 Episode 21

4.0 28 x
A story of tragedy and triumph -- the murder of a young woman and how her killer's heart saves the life of a dying woman.

2020 Episode 12

3.0 37 x
Opponents feared boxer Christy Martin in the ring. However, it was at home where Martin fought her biggest battle - the one for her life. Now Martin is speaking out for other victims of domestic abuse

2019 Episode 20

4.0 56 x
48 Hours investigates the murder of Jon Garner and the case against his wife, Sandra. Viewers will have a rare look inside a murder case where virtually everything was captured on camera.

2019 Episode 19

4.0 28 x
48 Hours investigates the alleged plot to kill teenager Alexis Stern, and go on a global hunt to track down the elusive mastermind behind several hit-man-for-hire websites.

2019 Episode 14

4.0 62 x
Jessi Toronjo was just 9 years old when she returned from a friend's house to find her family murdered. More than three decades later she shares her emotional story of the search for their killer.

2020 Episode 11

3.0 32 x
In 1979, an 18-year-old girl is found dead in her car after going to the local mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, baffling local police officers for decades. 48 Hours investigates what happened that night.

2020 Episode 10

3.0 28 x
Anna was found murdered on a remote logging road. Days later, police arrested her former finance, Will, who had been dating another woman their entire courtship. 48 Hours speaks to "the other woman".