50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy

May 2017

S1 Ep6 - Cambodia

Expired 3.0 10 x
After a journey that’s taken them through three continents Baz Ashmawy and his Irish Mammy Nancy land in Cambodia for the last stage of their death defying adventure. Nancy is 71 and likes scrabble and baking brown bread. Baz believes a spot of scuba diving and tarantula hunting is more likely to put a pep in her step and make her feel more alive. To face her final fears, Baz arranges for his Mammy to Zipline through the treetops of the Cambodian jungle and takes her on a bone rattling adventur...

S1 Ep5 - South Africa

Expired 1.5 17 x
South Africa - South Africa is this week's destination for Baz Ashmawy’s boisterous bucket list with his 71 year old Irish Mammy Nancy. Famous for tranquil vineyards and luxury safaris, Baz will do his utmost to make sure his Mammy will see nothing of that. In his ongoing attempt to frighten the life out of her, Baz will also convince Mammy to run off the top of Table Mountain on a dizzying paraglide. (From the UK) (Documentary) (Rpt) PG

S1 Ep4 - Thailand

Expired 3.0 19 x
Thailand - 14 years ago presenter Baz Ashmawy backpacked his way around Thailand and eventually returned home to Dublin with a fist full of memories and a Buddha tattoo. Now he wants to return to the ‘Land of smiles’ with his 71 year old Mammy for a trip that may just kill her but at the very least will push her way outside of her comfort zone. (From the UK) (Documentary) (Rpt) PG

S1 Ep3 - Florida

Expired 3.0 28 x
Florida - Florida, USA has always been a sun-drenched retirement hot spot, a place where old people go to die. It's the perfect location for Baz's death-defying bucket list with his 71 year old Mammy. Baz will push his Mammy to the edge with alligator wrestling and aerial acrobatics. But it's something far less dangerous that causes Mammy the biggest shock, and puts their astonishingly frank relationship under the spotlight. (S.1 Ep.3) (From the UK) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) PG
April 2017

S1 Ep2 - Morocco

Expired 4.0 16 x
Baz Ashmawy takes his 71 year old Mammy to the exotic Kingdom of Morocco in attempt to frighten the life out of her. After a day of traditional Souks and poisonous snakes, they enter the gruelling Intercontinental Rally on a ninety mile stage across the Sahara desert. In a very real and unexpected brush with death, Nancy gets more than she ever bargained for as Baz fears he's taken things a little too far. (From the UK) (Documentary) (Rpt) M (L)

S1 Ep1 - L.A. And Las Vegas

Expired 3.0 22 x
L.A. And Las Vegas - This week Baz Ashmawy takes his 70 year old Mammy Nancy on a trip to Vegas and Los Angeles. In his mischievous attempt to push her to breaking point he signs her up to accompany Sin City Bounty Hunters on a live armed raid for dangerous fugitives. Then a spot of gambling is just what frugal Mammy will hate...followed by some stunt car driving with a Hollywood legend, and a session of scream therapy to let out her inner anger. If all of that doesn't 'kill' her then Baz will ...
January 2017

Series 1, episode 6

3.0 19 x
After a journey that’s taken them through three continents Baz and his Mammy Nancy land in Cambodia, where tarantula hunting and ziplining through the jungle are on the cards.

Series 1, episode 5

3.0 10 x
In South Africa, it’s ostrich riding, bungee jumping and extreme paint balling. Mammy goes paragliding, visits a township witch doctor and ends up swimming with the sharks.

Series 1, episode 4

4.0 9 x
Baz signs his Mammy up for a cameo in Bangkok’s largest Ladyboy cabaret and then belting down some river rapids on a white water raft.

Series 1, episode 3

4.0 10 x
Alligator wrestling and aerial acrobatics are on the cards for Nancy in Florida, USA, but it's something far less dangerous that causes Mammy the biggest shock.