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7.30 Special: The Virus Recession

3.0 14 x
In a 7.30 Special, Alan Kohler investigates The Virus Recession - who will be hardest hit, how Australia will get out of the recession and what life could look like on the other side.

7.30 Special: Bushfire Aftermath

4.0 5 x
7.30 explores the aftermath of Australia's catastrophic summer. Hear amazing stories of survival and recovery from people affected, plus experts reveal exclusive data and define the unprecedented scale of the disaster.
Episodes 2019

7.30 Special: The Economy

4.0 37 x
In a 7.30 Special, Alan Kohler examines the impact of Australia's low growth economy, our increasing issue with debt, what the wave of retiring baby boomers mean for our slowing economy and what's in store for the future.

7.30 Special: 2019 The Year That Was

3.0 40 x
After a year of extremes, from weather to politics, 7.30 looks back at the highlights, heartbreak and heroes of 2019. With reflections from Kerry O'Brien, Annabel Crabb, Adam Liaw, Julia Zemiro and Kevin Sheedy.

7.30 Special: Buyer Beware

3.0 13 x
Cracks in the building industry. In a 7.30 Special Tracy Bowden investigates Australia's building standards and the dangers of buying an apartment off the plan.

7.30 Special: Power Shock

3.0 20 x
Energy prices and cost of living pressures will be key issues in the federal election. In a 7.30 Special we explore what's pushing up power bills, how some people are offsetting it and what our energy future might look like.
Episodes 2018

7.30 Special: 2018 Year In Review

3.0 16 x
7.30 looks back at the big news events and key moments of 2018, as well as the events that filled our hearts with joy and those that made us despair.

7.30 Special: Housing

3.0 15 x
For years now many Australians have been obsessed with rising property prices. Now as house prices fall in our two largest cities, the ABC's 7.30 program looks closely at what's driving the current downturn.

7.30 Special: The Shane Warne Interview

4.0 49 x
In a frank and candid interview with 7.30's Leigh Sales, Shane Warne opens up about his life on and off the cricket pitch.

7.30 Special: The Reef

4.0 22 x
In a 7.30 special guest reporter Peter Greste looks at the Great Barrier Reef to see how damaged it really is. The world's foremost coral experts and people who live and work in the region discuss what can be done to save it.