999: What's Your Emergency?

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 26

Expired 3.0 11 x
In Wiltshire, offenses committed by women have risen by 63% in the last 5 years. What's driving this female crimewave?

Season 4, Episode 25

3.0 21 x
In the early hours of the morning a stabbing has occured which has left one victim dead the other with serious wounds and a killer on the loose. Will the crime team be able to track him down?

Season 4, Episode 24

4.5 12 x
Just 5% of families in the UK account for half of all arrests. Wiltshire Police repeatedly deal with one particular family who are responsible for theft, assaults, joyriding and public disorder.

Season 4, Episode 23

4.0 9 x
Police are called to assist a mother whose autistic son is attacking her. A man with Asperger's is brought in after making hoax calls, and police investigate a suspicious man peering into houses.

Season 4, Episode 22

4.0 8 x
With violent crime on the increase, an officer is down as massive brawl has broken out at a local club. Meanwhile, five units have been dispatched in pursuit of a dangrous suspect armed with a sword.

Season 4, Episode 21

3.0 20 x
Exploring the link between poverty and rising crime, a frightened 14-year-old schoolgirl reports a break-in at her home. Also, a shoplifter admits he's been driven to extreme measures to survive.

Season 4, Episode 20

3.0 11 x
A quick-thinking young boy helps in a situation where his mum loses her memory whilst driving. Also, a rookie emergency operator deals with the trauma of a caller confessing to murdering an intruder.

Season 4, Episode 19

4.0 20 x
With unbearable waiting times, crews help a schoolgirl whose life is threatened by anaphylactic shock, a woman who's been badly cut in a pub fight, and an elderly women who has fractured her hip.

Season 4, Episode 18

3.0 18 x
A man has chopped into his foot with an axe while cutting firewood. A two-vehicle collision has split one of the cars in half, and emergency personnel deal with a fatal street-sweeper accident.

Season 4, Episode 17

3.0 41 x
With the increasing use of cannabis affecting society, a young man's sloppy marijuana fuelled driving attracts the police's attention, while cases of dealing and threatening behaviour are investigated.