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Catch up TV on A Farmer's Life For Me. Watch the latest and all other episodes of A Farmer's Life For Me now online, broadcasted on ABC1. Catch up on your favorite ABC1 TV show: A Farmer's Life For Me. Replay tv on its best! Nine British couples compete to run their own farm in Suffolk for a year. From ploughing to buying and housing livestock, their first challenge is to choose a plot of land and show how they would run it to turn a profit.

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Series 1 Episode 8 (Final) 59:00

Series 1 Episode 8 (Final)

Expired 3.0 65 x
It's the final. Jimmy Doherty must decide which of the two remaining couples will win their very own farm to manage for a year. Each couple must undergo a series of daunting farming challenges.
Series 1 Episode 7 59:00

Series 1 Episode 7

Expired 3.0 73 x
Three couples are left. Jimmy Doherty wants to see who can cope with problems associated with large scale farming. He challenges them to harvest a bumper crop of strawberries and make a maximum profit.
Series 1 Episode 6 58:55

Series 1 Episode 6

Expired 3.0 52 x
The four remaining couples are set the challenge of learning how to milk sheep and goats, before turning their milk into dairy products to sell at a local charity.
Series 1 Episode 5 59:04

Series 1 Episode 5

Expired 3.0 90 x
Jimmy Doherty tests his fledgling farmers on their ability to make money from poultry. Their introduction to the industry includes mastering the techniques of turkey insemination and deciding which birds they want to rear.
Series 1 Episode 4 59:03

Series 1 Episode 4

Expired 3.0 92 x
Jimmy Doherty wants to see who can come up with unique, profitable products to sell at a farmer's market. The fledgling farmers are each given crops to turn into produce that represents a harvest from a small farm.
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