A Middle East Feast

A Middle East Feast catch up

August 2021


3.0 4 x
Kibbeh are a popular Middle Eastern snack, made with soaked bulghur grain, lamb mice and, of course, a healthy dose of spices. Perfect with a pinch of salt to serve.

Adana kebabs with onion salad

3.0 6 x
Adana kebabs are long, thin skewers of lamb mince barbecued with spices and served with grilled veggies and fresh lemon.

Ali Nazik barbecued king prawns with baba ganoush

4.0 15 x
Make these prawn skewers the centrepiece of a big Middle Eastern BBQ spread. Sitting atop a bed of smoky baba ganoush, the prawns are covered with a Turkish bread sauce with butter and spices.

Duck Fesenjan (slow-cooked duck in a pomegranate and walnut sauce)

3.0 27 x
This duck is incredibly succulent, slow roasted for six hours and served with a slightly sweet sauce that's a blend of walnut and spices.

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with white figs and chickpeas

3.0 13 x
White figs have a very sweet flavour, more so than their more mellow siblings, lending this dish a warm, comforting flavour with melt-in-the-mouth lamb.

A1 Bakery's za'atar manouche

3.0 15 x
These flatbreads really bring together the best of Middle Eastern cooking, with a hint of sweetness from the honey and an aromatic array of spices like sumac, oregano and nutmeg.

Chicken shawarma with puffed pita and pickled onion salad

4.0 14 x
Fit for a feast, pull together these juicy, spicy chicken kebabs, homemade pits breads and fresh salad with a pomegranate molasses dressing and gather the clan.
July 2021

Carob glazed carrots with toasted hazelnuts

3.0 13 x
Often touted as a healthy alternative to chocolate, carob is so much more. The earthy caramel flavours pair well with savoury food, much like chocolate in a Mexican mole.

Chraime (spicy Moroccan fish)

4.0 7 x
This spicy fish stew has origins in the state of Libya with the name chraime deriving from the Arabic word for hot.

Smoked hummus with mushrooms and almonds

3.0 5 x
Turn your favourite bowl of hummus into a charcoal-scented treat with a few drops of liquid smoke. The hummus makes a great snack as-is but a mushroom topping takes it from dip to meal.