Abby Hatcher

Abby Hatcher catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 18

3.0 39 x
While on a camping trip, Abby and the Fuzzlies meet a brand new Fuzzly: Grumbles!

Season 1, Episode 17

4.0 13 x
Harriet Bouffant is stuck in the tower, and Abby and Bozzly must save her! / Abby and Bozzly help Otis improve his Hide and Seek skills, and they all wind up stuck in an undiscovered secret passage!

Season 1, Episode 16

3.0 39 x
Princess Flug finds a slug and wants it to be her pet. / Abby wants to send a picture of her and the Fuzzlies to her Wai Po, but it's impossible to get all the Fuzzlies together for a perfect picture.

Season 1, Episode 15

4.0 16 x
Princess Flug gets lost in the laundry and ends up on a wild cross-town adventure. / When Chef Jeff needs to leave the hotel, Abby enlists Curly and Bozzly to help her make dinner.

Season 1, Episode 14

4.0 25 x
The Fuzzlies are scared when they think there's a monster lurking around the hotel. / Princess Flug successfully helps Lex and Teeny Terry with her glitter goo, then goes overboard.

Season 1, Episode 13

4.0 18 x
Otis gets mistaken for a real dog while trick or treating, and Abby and the group need to find him. / When Lex and Miranda have a party, Abby volunteers to put the playful Peepers to bed.

Season 1, Episode 12

3.0 26 x
Abby and Bozzly want to help Harriet overcome her shyness about her favourite activity. / Teeny Terry worries that he's too tiny to be helpful.

Season 1, Episode 11

3.0 37 x
Teeny Terry wants to surprise Lex by finishing everything on his to do list. / The Peepers are over-the-top comically sad, and Abby needs to figure out why.

Season 1, Episode 10

3.5 69 x
Mo and Bo are mistaken for a snow monster. / After taking a tumble, Otis suffers a fear of heights and becomes scared to use his elevator.

Season 1, Episode 9

3.0 42 x
Otis isn't sure how to express his love for his friends on hearts and hugs day. / Teeny Terry wants his own home but doesn't know what he wants it to be like.