Adam Liaw's Road Trip For Good

December 2020

Ep4 - Beechworth, Hay Valley & Batlow

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Adam's journey continues to the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Known for its avant-garde, cool climate wines, the region's winemakers are doing it tough.

Ep3 - Tathra, Tallangatta & Kingscote

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Adam heads Kangaroo Island in South Australia where he meets one of the first and biggest organic honey producers in Australia - Peter Davis - who lost 500 out of his 800 hives in one day when the bushfires hit - all full of honey. His Ligurian bees are special on Kangaroo Island because although they came from Italy, Kang...

Ep2 - Adam Liaw's Roadtrip For Good Series 1 Ep 2

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Adam is in the town of Mallacoota - the area that became an international symbol for the summer's devastating bushfires. Here he visits the local abalone co-op whose factory burnt down in the fires.

Sake-steamed abalone with liver sauce

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Sake-steamed abalone with liver sauce of Adam Liaw's Road Trip For Good was broadcast by SBS ONE on Wednesday 9 December 2020 at 9:30.

Ep1 - Adam Liaw's Roadtrip For Good Series 1 Ep 1

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Adam kicks off his roadtrip for good with a visit to one of the worst bushfire-affect areas in Australia - South Australia's Kangaroo Island. When the deadly bushfires hit half of this island paradise went up in flames. Here Adam meets Shane Leahy from Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic - a garlic farmer and volunteer firefighte...