Adam Looking For Eve (Germany)


Adam Looking For Eve (Germany) Season 4 Episode 2

Expired 4.5 2,055 x
The first celebrity Eve arrives with on a speed boat; it's Patricia Blanco, known as the daughter of Roberto Blanco. She is the first to explore the island and finds it deserted. But not for too long, because two newbies are already on their way to the island. Celebrity Adam Timur meets his Eve Beabrice and together they f...
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Adam Looking For Eve (Germany) S1 Ep2

3.0 1,422 x
Raphael has been looking for a new girlfriend for two years, and hopes to find her on Tahiti. When he meets 26-year-old Karina, he finds she has exactly what he wants. At first, she is too shy for Raphael, but she opens up when she realises that he's a real man. But just as the first romantic sparks start flying, self-assu...

Adam Looking For Eve S1 Ep3

4.1 1,253 x
Vivacious 28-year-old Klara thinks 42-year-old Eric is too rough for her. His incessant chatter isn’t something the talkative blonde is used to. Help arrives when 34-year-old Alexandre comes to the island – Klara likes him right away. But it won’t be easy for Klara to win him for herself. Another Eve is heading to the isla...