Adam Looking For Eve (Germany)

May 2017

Adam Looking For Eve (Germany) S1 Ep2

3.6 396 x
Raphael has been looking for a new girlfriend for two years, and hopes to find her on Tahiti. When he meets 26-year-old Karina, he finds she has exactly what he wants. At first, she is too shy for Raphael, but she opens up when she realises that he's a real man. But just as the first romantic sparks start flying, self-assured Julia disturbs her and Raphael's love adventure. Julia's out for one thing: to win Raphael for herself. (S.1 Ep.2) (From Germany, in German) (Entertainment) MA(N)

Adam Looking For Eve S1 Ep3

3.0 299 x
Vivacious 28-year-old Klara thinks 42-year-old Eric is too rough for her. His incessant chatter isn’t something the talkative blonde is used to. Help arrives when 34-year-old Alexandre comes to the island – Klara likes him right away. But it won’t be easy for Klara to win him for herself. Another Eve is heading to the island: 38-year-old Sandra, who is also looking for her dream man. (S.1 Ep.3) (From Germany, in German) (Entertainment Series) (class. tba)