Adam Ruins Everything


Season 1 Episode 26 - Adam Ruins Going Green

4.0 8 x
Adam meets a young dad who is on a personal mission to save the world and end climate change, until Adam turns his world upside down. Learn why the famous 'Crying Indian' PSA wasn’t quite what we thought, while Adam also explores the surprising hist...

Season 1 Episode 24 - Adam Ruins Justice

3.0 9 x
After getting Emily out of prison, Adam and his sister Rhea take on the justice system, shining a spotlight on the infamous McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit, and the substantial problems with the jury duty system. Adam then goes on to explore the variou...

Season 1 Episode 23 - Adam Ruins The Wild West

Expired 4.0 8 x
Adam illustrates how, despite its macho man reputation, prostitutes actually helped settle the West. He then goes on to explain why the “All-American Cowboy” is a myth, and that the real hero of the west wasn’t a person at all; it was air conditioni...

Season 1 Episode 22 - Adam Ruins The Internet

Expired 4.0 11 x
While on a magical technological journey, Adam shows that smartphones are not the society-killers you might believe they’ve become. He also illustrates how American cable service providers are cartels making us pay big bucks for the worst net speed ...

Season 1 Episode 21 - Adam Ruins Prison

Expired 4.0 9 x
Adam and Emily talk about jail rehabilitation, solitary confinement, and corporations that make money from prison inmates.
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