Episode 6 The Agony Of Ageing (Final)

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In the latest episode of Agony, our Aunts and Uncles discuss the big business of cosmetic surgery, with more and more Australians going under the knife. Featuring Steve Vizard, Lawrence Mooney, Kate Langbroek. #Agony

Episode 5 The Agony Of School

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Few topics are more passionately debated in Australia than whether to send your kids to a private school or a public school. Our Aunts & Uncles including Lawrence Mooney, Waleed Aly & Dee Madigan tackle this divisive subject.

Episode 4 The Agony Of Flirting

Expired 3.0 228 x
Our Agony Aunts and Uncles tackle the fun topic of Flirting... is it okay to flirt or is it a form of sexual harassment? Featuring Lawrence Mooney, Kate Langbroek, Tom Elliott, Steve Vizard. #agony

Episode 3 The Agony Of Secrets

Expired 3.0 165 x
With terrorism a continual concern, our Agony Aunts and Uncles discuss the issue of privacy versus security. Is privacy an inherent human right? is the quest for privacy underplaying the threat of terrorism?

Episode 2 The Agony Of God

Expired 3.0 321 x
Our beloved Agony Aunts and Uncles discuss God vs Science and asks our Aunts and Uncles, can you believe in God as well as science? Does God have an image problem? Does science?
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