Air Aces

July 2017

S1 Ep6 - Gabby Gabreski

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During WWII, American pilots race to down the most enemy planes and be crowned the countries’ top flying ace. US Air Force Pilot Francis Gabby Gabreski, the child of Polish immigrants, makes his mission personal, seeking to avenge his families’ deva...

S1 Ep5 - Robin Olds

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In July 1966, North Vietnam’s fleet of MiG-21s is hammering the US Air Force, and the embattled men of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing need a hero to whip them into shape. Enter Colonel Robin Olds, a WWII veteran airman, who charges in and commands re...

Ep4 - Red Tails

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They were young, gifted, and black but the US Army refused them key positions. Until intense pressure from African-American activist groups pushed President Roosevelt to initiate a Blacks-only fighter pilot training program in Tuskegee, Alabama. Wha...
June 2017

Ep3 - Wing Walker

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Like all the Allied bombers of World War II, the crew of the Lancaster ME669 had one of the most dangerous jobs in the Air Force: to dodge deadly enemy fire and drop mega-tonnes of high-powered explosives over Nazi Germany. Without them, Hitler may ...

Ep2 - Douglas Bader

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In July 1940, Britain's most celebrated air ace, Douglas Bader, and his ragtag squadron of Canadian fighter pilots, go into battle against Hitler's mighty Luftwaffe. The outcome of the Battle of Britain will determine the future of the free world. B...

Ep1 - George Beurling

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Air Aces is the groundbreaking series that tells the stories of the most heroic airborne combat missions in history. Using real vintage aircrafts, the series films the impossible by re-creating mid-air combat sequences. Featuring Spitfires, Lancaste...