Alexander's Lost World


Ep6 - Source Of Civilisation

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Source Of Civilisation - For the final stretch of his journey, David Adams treks through the Pamir mountains to discover the source of the River Oxus and explore the homeland of an ancient people that came face to face with Alexander the Great on hi...

Ep5 - Land Of The Golden Fleece

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Land of the Golden Fleece - David Adams follows ancient trade routes that today cross the Badlands of Afghanistan, to discover the treasured resources Alexander and the Greeks found in the east and took back to the west. (From the UK) (Documentary) ...

Ep4 - City Of Lady Moon

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City Of Lady Moon - David Adams continues his search for the extraordinary city Alexander is reputed to have built beside the River Oxus. He explores a series of ruins that may hold the key, both to Alexander’s lost city and an astonishing civilizat...

Ep3 - Alexandria On The Oxus

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Alexandria On The Oxus - Alexander the Great is credited with building sixteen Greek cities in Central Asia alone. But is this the real story? To date, none of his fabled cities have been unearthed. David Adams begins his search for the ancient cult...

Ep1 - Explorations On An Ancient Sea

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Explorations On An Ancient Sea - This series follows photojournalist and director David Adams on an epic journey into one of the most dangerous places on earth uncovering the history buried here. Inaccessible, ravaged by war, filmmakers have not dar...
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