All My Friends Are Racist

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All My Friends Are Racist

Casey and Belle have broken up and are leading separate lives. When Casey realises that he needs Belle in his life, it's a race against time to find her before she assimilates into "white" lifestyle. (Final)

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Season 1
Belle is upset that Celia hasn't invited her to her house party. Casey has bigger problems. Though he's hired an intern personal assistant, he's still very flustered about his appearance at the Social Influencer Convention.
Belle starts her internship and is hired as the Reconciliation Action Plan Officer with the task to decolonise the law firm. Casey appoints himself elder in residence and uses the company credit card to start closing the gap.
Casey and Belle ask Casey's parents for money to go to Coachella, in order to capitalise on their newfound fame as "racist slayers". Belle faces her mother, who is distraught that her daughter put her on the wall.
Casey and Belle are the hottest and most popular people of their friendship group. But when their friends discover their "burn book wall" that calls them all racist with receipts, Casey and Belle find themselves cancelled.