Ancient Unexplained Files

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Season 1
In an abandoned Maya city, an archaeologist discovers the tomb of a mysterious red skeleton decorated in jade and pearl treasures; experts use tech to reveal who this person was.
When experts discover a 500-year-old grave, they find mysterious red skulls, pointing to a shocking mass sacrifice.
Archaeologists make a shocking discovery when the perfectly preserved remains of three children are unearthed from the frozen mountains of Argentina.
Archeologists make a bone-chilling discovery when they unearth 20 mutilated skeletons in Mexico; investigators use advanced forensic analysis to examine the bizarre burial.
When a mass grave of mutilated skeletons is unearthed at the frontier of the Roman Empire, experts use advanced digital analysis to reveal the mystery behind these grisly remains.
A temple to the Roman god of the underworld was the site of ritual sacrifice and a gate to the underworld, but it was buried because it was believed to be cursed.
A team of explorers discover a forbidding cave system riddled with ancient markings that seem to contain a mysterious meaning.
Archaeologists have struggled for centuries to understand the ancient moai statues of Easter Island and the purpose behind their mysterious placement.
A gruesome archaeological discovery leads to a shocking excavation that uncovers ancient human carnage on a scale that's unparalleled.
Archaeologists excavating a historic Chilean site make a chilling discovery and find decapitated human skulls separate from a nearby burial site.