Andrew Denton's Interview

August 2019

S2 E16 - Julie Bishop

91 x
In the season final of Andrew Denton: Interview, Andrew sits down with former foreign minister Julie Bishop.

S2 E15 - Jessica Mauboy

48 x
Andrew Denton sits down with interesting, amazing people, and finds out what makes them tick.
July 2019

S2 E14 - Amanda Keller

35 x
This week, one of the toughest challenges of Andrew’s career: interviewing a friend of his for 40 years - Amanda Keller.

S2 E13 - Carl Barron

276 x
Andrew sits down with comedian Carl Barron. It's a chance to find out what's actually going on inside the head of this fascinating comic, an Australian enigma, a man who hides in plain sight.

S2 E12 - Jade Hameister

46 x
This week, Andrew sits down with teen polar trekker Jade Hameister.

S2 E11 - Stephen Curry

112 x
In this revealing interview, you'll meet many of the Stephen Currys you may not already know: song and dance man, exiled cub scout, part-time serial killer and devoted husband and father of two.
June 2019

S2 E10 - Dr Munjed Al Muderis

156 x
This week, the amazing and heart-warming story of Dr Munjed Al Muderis. whose bold new approach to surgery is helping hundreds of Aussie amputees to walk again.

S2 E9 - Madonna

38 x
Ahead of the release of her new album, Madame X, Andrew and the blue chairs fly to London to catch up with the pop icon Madonna, and find what's inspiring and driving her in 2019.

S2 E8 - Michael Caine

49 x
Andrew sits down with Academy Award winning actor Sir Michael Caine.

S2 E7 - Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill

24 x
Andrew Denton sits down with actresses and stars of Wanted Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill.
May 2019

S2 E6 - Jimmy Barnes

21 x
In this episode, Australian singer Jimmy Barnes opens up about his life and music career.

S2 E5 - Ralph & Kathy Kelly

35 x
Andrew speaks with Ralph and Kathy Kelly, who lost their teenage sons in devastating circumstances. Their son Thomas was killed in a one-punch attack in Kings Cross, while Stuart took his own life.

S2 E4 - Steve Martin / Martin Short

72 x
Ahead of their November tour of Australia, Andrew travels to Milwaukee to sit down in the blue chairs with two absolute comedy legends, Steve Martin and Martin Short.