Anger Management


Ep 3 Charlie Does Time With The Hot Warden

3.0 24 x
The sexy new warden wants to cut Charlie and Jordan's prison therapy group, so Charlie tries to change her mind. Meanwhile, Nolan's new limo driver job puts him in an awkward situation with Lacey.

Ep 4 Charlie & The Warden's Dirty Secret

3.0 11 x
Charlie inadvertently helps a member of his prison group in an escape attempt.

Ep 2 Charlie Gets Between Sean & Jordan

3.0 15 x
Charlie asks Sean to date a woman to help him and Jordan get a keynote speaker gig, which upsets Jordan when she finds out. Meanwhile, Lacey pretends to be in a coma in her latest scam to make money.

Ep 1 Charlie & The Psychic Therapist

3.0 16 x
Charlie and Jordan pose as an unhappy married couple to catch a therapist who scammed Ed, and Nolan discovers that the African child he sponsored is all grown up and more successful than him.

Ep 22 Charlie Tests His Will Power

3.0 20 x
Charlie plans to get some publicity for helping a man being released from prison 50 years after being wrongly convicted, and Jordan and Sean are worried about their arrangement getting more serious.
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