Angkor Wat's Hidden Megacity

January 2018

S1 Ep2 - Death Of Angkor Wat's Megacity

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Buried in the Cambodian jungle lie the lost remains of the great medieval city of Angkor - once the capital of one of the world's greatest civilisations. Today, only the great stone temples like Angkor Wat survive. But Angkor was once a teeming metropolis, full of life - the biggest city on Earth. Now, a team of archaeologists are using a revolutionary technology called lidar to reveal the true scale and splendour of this ancient megacity. Their ground-breaking new work explains why the world's...

February 28, 2016

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In June 2013, an international team of archaeologists made a stunning announcement. They had discovered a lost urban landscape, hidden deep inside the Cambodian jungle, close to the magnificent 12th century temple complex of Angkor Wat. This was once a buzzing metropolis, home to a million people, and the capital of the mighty Khmer Empire. This documentary follows the team as they travel deep into the jungle to uncover more of this forgotten city and tell the story of how this remarkable civil...