Archaeology - A Secret History


Ep3 - The Power Of The Past

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The Power of the Past - In this episode Dr Richard Miles explores the archaeological watersheds of the 20th century and how they have helped us build up a picture of the 'ordinary man's journey throughout time. From the discovery of Tutankhamun and his treasures, to the 2,000 year old perfectly preserved body of Tollund ma...

Ep2 - The Search For Civilization

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The Search for Civilisation - Archaeologist Richard Miles presents a series charting the history of the breakthroughs and watersheds in our long quest to understand our ancient past. He shows how discoveries in the 18th and 19th centuries overturned ideas of when and where civilisation began, as empires competed to literal...

Ep1 - In The Beginning

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From the days of the Romans to the detailed scientific archaeology of today, humans have longed to make sense of buildings and objects that time has left behind. But from the truth about the bible, to the origins of civilisation, and the scientific assault on deeply held cultural myths - striving to get to grips with the a...