Art Race


Episode 12 (Final)

3.0 78 x
Ben and Kenny have just 36 hours to prepare their art trade shows, and two hours to sell everything they can. Only then will they, and we, learn the winner of Art Race.

Episode 11 29/11/2013

3.0 44 x
Kenny has traded a painting for a flight across the Grand Canyon and has now made it to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Ben is in New Jersey playing catch-up. Trailing behind Kenny, the sculptor decides to make one last effort.

Episode 10 29/11/2013

3.0 45 x
Having arrived in North Carolina, Ben is collaborating with championship surfer Pat McManus on a surf art project. Kenny has reached Moab, Utah and his trades are becoming ever more ambitious.

Episode 9 22/11/2013

3.0 41 x
Ben sets up a studio in a local factory in Georgia and constructs his masterpiece and then attempts to auction it off to the assembled metalworkers. Kenny is in Aspen and has lined up a balloon ride over the Rockies.


3.0 53 x
A trucker offers Kenny a ride in his sixteen-wheeler and drops the artist in Goodland. Ben learns of a recent art sale by Kenny. Depressed, he escapes the cameras and takes refuge in a local Mississippi strip bar.
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