Asterix And Obelix


Vs Caesar

Expired 3.0 0 x
A madcap, big budget live-action version of the much-loved comic. Caesar himself decides to investigate the village when they do not pay their taxes. Non-stop fun with an all-star cast.
Episodes 2019

May 19, 2016

Expired 2.0 6 x
Edouard Baer and Gerard Depardieu star as comic book duo Asterix and Obelix in this zany adventure, which sees Asterix cross the channel to help his second-cousin Anticlimax face Caesar and the invading Romans. (From France, in French) (Movie) (Comedy) (2013) PG
Episodes 2016

May 7, 2016

Expired 3.0 92 x
Astérix and Obélix go to Egypt to help architect Numérobis build a palace for Cleopatra, after Caesar challenged her to build a lavish palace in record time. Driven to desperate measures to get the job done, with the help of a magic potion from the Druid Miraculix, they must win the challenge against all odds. Directed by ...