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Season 1
Known as the bulldozers of the bush, wombats are Australia's largest burrowing animals. Aaron Pedersen explores how their digging has transformed landscapes and changed the face of the continent.
There's more to Australia's reptiles than being cold-blooded killers. Aaron Pedersen explores intimate mating rituals and protective mothers as we scratch beneath the scales of our reptiles.
The red kangaroo is iconic, but as Aaron Pedersen explains there is more to the kangaroo family than just one famous face. Explore how these marsupials spread across the continent, taking on a variety of shapes and forms.
Orcas are notorious for being merciless ocean killers, but as Aaron Pedersen explains, this is mostly a misunderstanding of what is one of Earth's most intelligent mammals, who live together in complex family groups.
The Southern Ocean is the only ocean that stretches unbroken around the globe. Aaron Pedersen examines how the cold southernmost waters, reaching from Australia to encircle the Antarctic, are rich and productive.
The Pacific Ocean occupies a third of the globe's surface. Aaron Pedersen explores the astounding diversity of this ocean from its depths to its surface, its temperate waters and equatorial regions.
The Indian Ocean may be the smallest of the oceans, but it is the most complex. Aaron Pedersen explores how it is home to thousands of diverse species and has a major impact on Australia's climate.
The Daintree Rainforest has one of the highest rates of biodiversity on Earth. Aaron Pedersen explains how this oldest rainforest on Earth is a window into an Australia that has otherwise vanished.
Australia might be world famous for its outback and red deserts, but there are also lush alpine regions that are just as unique and breathtaking and play a central role to the animals living along the east coast.
A year in the life of Kakadu in Australia's Top End. Aaron Pedersen explains the six seasons recognised by the Bininj people and reveals the web of relationships between its species and the environment.
The magnificent rock that is Uluru is an icon of Australia - remote, untamed, and mysterious. However, as Aaron Pedersen explains, the Red Centre with its arid deserts hold much more than meets the eye.
Echidnas and platypuses are unique, the only mammals in the world to share some traits with reptiles, such as laying eggs. Aaron Pedersen explains how they are highly-tuned to their environment. (Final)
Parrots are by far some of the world's most intelligent birds. Aaron Pedersen explores why these intelligent birds thrive in Australia, and what kind of impact their exceptional intellect has on our environment.