Australia's Best Backyards

Australia's Best Backyards catch up

July 2015

Season 2, episode 1

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Join Jamie Durie as we take a peek over back fences across the nation in search of Australia's best backyards.

Season 2, episode 10

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The wait is over as tonight Jamie Durie makes a surprise house call to the winner of Australia's Best Backyards.

Season 2, episode 2

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Jamie Durie explores a tropical paradise near Brisbane, and the plant compared to a Porsche.

Season 2, episode 3

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A QLD garden made for Pirates. How to fit 100 cars and a pub in the backyard. Jamie visits a remarkable Victorian garden where the owner never waters, weeds, or fertilises.

Season 2, episode 4

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A crazy Bali courtyard competes with a re-claimed bush garden, complete with giant growing green giant. Jamie shows us a backyard that looks more like a five-star resort.

Season 2, episode 5

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The backyard that's big enough to fit two pubs and a rose garden. A lady who loves cats so much she's designed the purr-fect patch.

Season 2, episode 6

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How to fit a pool, cabana and party room into a pocket-sized backyard. The family with a vineyard in their Melbourne suburban garden.

Season 2, episode 7

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How to turn an old plain-jane house into a modern tropical paradise. Jamie visits a unique garden where the mudcrabs come free.

Season 2, episode 8

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How one determined gardener battled her council to build the deck of her dreams. Why one family decided not to renovate their house until they did their backyard.

Season 2, episode 9

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How one couple turned their backyard into a Thai resort, complete with a giant three tonne Buddha.