Season 2016 Episode 5 - Archie Roach - Song Man

4.0 19 x
We take an in depth look at the new album by Archie Roach and discuss what inspired him to write it, and what drives his love of music.

Season 2016 Episode 9 - John Kinsela - The Wrestler

4.0 12 x
In his late teens, John Kinsela dreamed or being a boxer, by chance he stumbled into wrestling and would go on to become a dual Olympian. That's just the start of his amazing story.

2016 8

3.0 48 x
In this panel episode of Awaken, Catherine Liddle examines how education providers are changing the schooling outcomes by focussing on what happens outside of the classroom.

Season 2016 Episode 7 - Troy Cassar-Daley - The Man With The Golden Guitars

3.0 29 x
The King of Tamworth's real name is Troy Cassar-Daly. In this one on one interview, the man with the Golden Guitars talks to us about a life told in song and the next phase of his incredible career.


4.0 29 x
Media is perhaps the greatest influencer in the world and now more accessible than ever. First Nation broadcasters around the world talk about the gift of storytelling through an incredible medium.

Season 2016 Episode 4 - Jack Thomson - Jack Of All Trades

4.0 33 x
Jack Thompson is a stalwart of Australian film, but his real passion is to improve the lives of others. We talk to Jack about his childhood in remote communities and how it shaped the man he is now.
Episodes 2016

Season 2016 Episode 3 - Talking Rugby

4.0 24 x
Eddie Jones and Glen Ella sit down for an in depth talk about England's winning tactics, the challenges facing rugby union, the future of Indigenous players in the game and their club rugby days.

Season 2016 Episode 2 - Rachel Perkins - Storyteller

4.0 26 x
Rachel Perkins is one of our foremost filmmakers. Her ability to share Indigenous stories has been widely acclaimed. Recently she has been recording the songlines of Australia's First Nations people.

Season 2016 Episode 1 - First Response - First Contact Special

3.0 34 x
Everybody has a view about the ground breaking series First Contact but what are those opinions based on, real evidence or further prejudice? Catherine Liddle hosts this special panel episode.
Episodes 2015

S2015 Ep16 - Johnathan Thurston

3.0 79 x
Award winning journalist Stan Grant hosts a one hour panel show, putting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues under the microscope.