Beauty And The Beast

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Beauty And The Beast

Vincent and Cat must work together to defeat Liam, who is determined to do whatever it takes to expose Vincent.

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Season 3
Liam's history inspires Cat to look into the Ellingsworth family and she discovers a tragic past, Vincent and Cat realise they need to use their secret weapon to take Liam down.
Vincent agrees to help Liam with a mission, and a suspicious Cat makes a discovery about Liam's family history.
Cat and Vincent discover information about 'Patient X' that could help them find Liam, and Tess works with JT to make sure he is serum-free.
After a powerful force ruins Cat and Vincent's wedding day, everyone must band together to remind Cat of her greater purpose.
Cat and Vincent approach their wedding; Vincent JT and Tess do everything possible keep an anxious Cat focused on her nuptials.
Cat and Vincent attempt to lure an assassin out of town and away from their loved ones. JT asks Tess to help him track down a lead and Heather tries to focus on her new job.
A weary detective (Michael Madsen) on the verge of retirement investigates a serial killer connected to his past.
Cat receives a new partner assignment, causing her to think that Carol and Bob have returned; J.T.'s healing ability comes at a terrible cost.
Vincent and Cat see a couples counselor. Cat believes a wealthy transplant recipient is involved with mysterious experiments on people in the city.
When two married FBI agents take over an investigation, Cat and Vincent bond with them. Heather makes her sister an offer and JT tries to find out if he has power of his own.
Vincent and Cat deal with their changing relationship when they move in; when J.T. tries to impress Tess' brothers, he discovers that there may be a side effect to the medication.
When someone goes on a superhuman rampage, Cat and Vincent jeopardise their newfound normal life to try to solve the case.
Season 2
Cat finds information in a surprising place -- her ancestor's journal -- that makes her think the only way to stop Gabe is to kill Vincent.
Gabe tries to win Cat back with a romantic date; while planning Heather's bachelorette party, Cat also works to save Vincent.
Vincent and Cat accept Agent Knox's offer and try to live normal lives -- but forces beyond their control drag them back into the fray.
Cat's sister makes a surprise visit, while Gabe suspends Cat and Tess from the squad in an attempt to force Vincent out of hiding.
A city-wide manhunt for Vincent forces him and Cat to stay under the radar; Vincent and Cat find a surprising ally when the FBI asks them for help with an important case.
Cat and the team work together to clear Vincent's name after he is arrested for murder, and a new enemy is revealed.
In order to prevent Sam from destroying a large group of people, Cat and Vincent revisit a destination from their past, coming to a realization about what they mean each other.