Being Human

March 2015

Series 4 Episode 8 The War Child (Final)

Expired 3.0 83 x
Series 4 Episode 8 The War Child (Final) of Being Human was broadcast by ABC2 on Wednesday 4 March 2015 at 2:00.
February 2015

Series 4 Episode 7 Making History

Expired 3.0 48 x
Series 4 Episode 7 Making History of Being Human was broadcast by ABC2 on Wednesday 25 February 2015 at 2:00.

Series 4 Episode 6 Puppy Love

Expired 3.0 59 x
Romance is in the air for Tom when Allison, a geeky teen werewolf, turns up looking for help. Somebody seems intent on revealing werewolves to the world and she wants to get to the bottom of the matter. CAST: Michael Socha

Series 4 Episode 5 Hold The Front Page

Expired 3.0 60 x
Adam is madly in love with no-nonsense head teacher Yvonne, much to the dismay of our heroes. They're on the run from the press, who see the relationship as a scandal. CAST: Lenora Crichlow

Series 4 Episode 4 A Spectre Calls

Expired 3.0 58 x
Annie, Hal and Tom are like a ring of steel protecting baby Eve - so when Kirby, a ghost from the 1970s calls at the house, they're immediately suspicious. CAST Lenora Crichlow
January 2015

Series 4 Episode 3 The Graveyard Shift

Expired 3.0 48 x
Hal is unaccustomed to modern life, having kept himself sheltered from society to avoid the risk of killing. So when Annie and Tom tell him he needs to get a job, he is filled with dread. CAST: Damien Molony

Series 4 Episode 2 Being Human 1955

Expired 3.0 98 x
Hal, Leo and Pearl - another werewolf, vampire and ghost - turn up at the house. Leo is dying and this supernatural triumvirate believe the secret to saving the old werewolf resides in Honolulu Heights. CAST Lenora Crichlow

Series 4 Episode 1 Eve of the War

Expired 3.0 75 x
The award-winning drama returns for a fourth series. After Mitchell falls victim to the wolf-shaped bullet, the housemates return to their home in Barry Island. There are also some new faces in town. CAST: Lenora Crichlow
March 2014

Series 4 Episode 8 The War Child (Final)

3.0 86 x
In this bold series climax the Old Ones have arrived. The only thing between them and global destruction are our heroes. CAST: Lenora Crichlow, Michael Socha, Damien Molony

Series 4 Episode 7 Making History

3.0 51 x
Tensions run high when Cutler takes Tom under his wing. Hal's wicked past catches up with him and he's led down a path of temptation. Meanwhile, Annie is called to Purgatory by the woman from the future. CAST: Andrew Gower