Ben 10


Ep 15 A Knight To Remember

4.0 2 x
Vilgax makes a power play after obtaining Old George's sword.

Ep 14 The Purge

4.0 2 x
Old George instigates a war against aliens on Earth

Ep 15 Perplexahedron

3.0 5 x
Ben and company trace Aggregor to a mysterious cube-like planet which holds the last piece of the map.

Ep 14 Where The Magic Happen

4.0 3 x
Hot on Aggregor's trail, Ben and company wind up in a magical realm where they must rely on Charmcaster for help.

Ep 13 Deep

3.0 4 x
Tracking Aggregor to a water-based planet, Ben and company must stop him from gaining a key that will help him get closer to the map of infinity.
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