Ben 10


Ep 11 Catfight

4.0 3 x
Princess Looma and Empress Attea are at odds over who gets to marry Ben.

Ep 10 And Then There Was Ben

3.0 2 x
Professor Paradox unites the good Bens from across all dimensions to take on Vilgax, Eon and the evil Bens in the ultimate showdown.

Ep 23 The Flame Keeper's Circle

3.0 3 x
Julie joins a cult that worships Vilgax.

Ep 22 Solitary Alignment

4.0 2 x
Azmuth sheds some light on how Old George obtained the sword and battled Dagon.

Ep 9 And Then There Were None

3.0 2 x
Vilgax and Eon team up to wipe out every Ben in every dimension.
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