Big Angry Fish


Sat 11 Feb, season 2 episode 13

3.0 204 x
Nathan has a crazy dream about catching kingfish over the magical 40kg mark out at Mayor Island. He is convinced that what he saw in his dream was true and forces Milan to come with him.7

Sat 28 Jan, season 2 episode 12

2.5 81 x
The team are in search of kingfish and when a spot is located, a nice pack of kingfish instantly come around to play with Milan and Nathan.

Sat 21 Jan, season 2 episode 11

3.0 91 x
The episode is dedicated to some new high-tech equipment.

Sat 14 Jan, season 2 episode 10

3.0 69 x
Milan and Nathan start the morning in Long Bay Coromandel catching live baits for the days fishing.

Sat 7 Jan, season 2 episode 9

4.0 92 x
This episode, Scott - an Australian fishing expert - and Milan venture out in search of sun bathing kingfish, which apparently is what the kingfish spend their days doing in Australia.
Episodes 2016

Fri 1 Jan, season 2 episode 8

4.0 60 x
In this episode we are in Panama in search of big reef fish and also a blue-water mission. First we have a little look around Panama City and also a stop at the Panama Canal.

Sat 24 Dec, season 2 episode 7

4.0 61 x
This episode takes us right back to the basics of fishing. Milan has a good look at the food chain, from right up the back of the mangroves and out to the low tide mark in the harbour.

Sat 17 Dec, season 2 episode 6

4.0 55 x
Early morning starts make for some amazing fishing.

Sat 3 Dec, season 2 episode 4

4.0 69 x
This episode takes us to The Far North where we have a look around the shallows of the harbour for snapper, kingfish and trevally.

Sun 11 Feb, season 2 episode 3

4.0 41 x
This episode takes us to East Cape hunting in the pursuit of the spring run of huge kingfish that turns up here early in the season.