Big Time Rush

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 29

Expired 3.0 26 x
After a masive fight, the boys decide to move out. James squats in a cool retiree's apartment, Logan moves into a Palm Woods cabana, and Carlos goes rustic in a cardboard house in Palm Woods Park.

Season 2, Episode 28

3.0 17 x
BTR has just dropped their second album and the guys sit down for a major Hollywood interview, where they answer revealing questions about their life inside and outside of Big Time Rush.

Season 2, Episode 27

3.0 18 x
Logan is curious about why Kendall is with Camille so much. James admits he kept a secret from Carlos, and Gustavo and Kelly become obsessed with trying to get Mrs. Knight's snickerdoodles recipe.

Season 2, Episode 26

3.0 19 x
Hawk plans to release BTR's second album on his own label after stealing the only hard-drive that contained all the tracks. The boys adopt super-hero personas to get the drive back from Hawk Records.

Season 2, Episode 25

4.0 19 x
Four lucky fans take out Pop Tiger Magazine's "Win a Date with BTR" contest and give the guys serious dating drama, as they each get to spend a memorable day with the boys from Big Time Rush.

Season 2, Episode 24

3.0 20 x
The boys take a stand against Gustavo's harsh management style and refrain from recording a song for their follow-up album, so Gustavo tries to get a new band and modify their vocals to sound like BTR.

Season 2, Episode 23

4.0 11 x
Carlos and James are desperate to date Lucy, an 18-year-old rocker chick who has moved into the Palm Woods and has immediately blown the BTR guys away by how cool she is.

Season 2, Episode 22

3.0 15 x
James' fairy tale romance with a foreign princess quickly becomes an escape mission after he inadvertently proposes marriage, and the guys have to free him before he's forced into a royal wedding.

Season 2, Episode 20

3.0 17 x
Kendall and Jo confront the future of their relationship when she lands her dream role in a movie blockbuster that will film in New Zealand for the next three years.

Season 2, Episode 19

4.0 24 x
The Palm Woods school is having it's annual Prom, and the situation gets cutthroat when Carlos, James, Logan and Kendall battle it out to win the prom king title, doing whatever it takes to win.