Big Trouble In Thailand


S1 Ep8

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Prison Special - Never before has anyone been allowed access to film inside the brutal Thai prison service in such detail. This program gains access to film in seven prisons to tell the stories of nine British prisoners who share their fascinating i...

S1 Ep7

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Back on the streets of Pattaya with tourist cop Howard a man having a little rest and relaxation in the city gets robbed and drugged by a prostitute; while another tourist runs into the sea to avoid paying for his restaurant and bar bill. In Bangkok...

S1 Ep6

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This epsiode, the Bangkok police suspects a British couple that have had their possessions stolen from their hotel room of insurance fraud. The police search their room and scrutinise them for hours. Tourist cop Howard gets up to more hi-jinks on Pa...

S1 Ep5

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This episode goes inside Bang Kwang one of Thailand’s most notorious jails which handles death row and long-sentence prisoners. All prisoners are required to wear leg irons for the first three months of their sentence. A British prisoner who is serv...

S1 Ep4

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This week captures the chaotic aftermarth of the Koh Samui air crash. Bangkok Airways' flight ATR72 slipped off the runway and crashed into a disused air traffic control tower, damaging the front of the aircraft, injuring four British passengers and...
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