Blood Brothers

July 2015

Ep3 - From Little Things Big Things Grow

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When Kev Carmody released his first album, Pillars of Society, in 1989, music magazine Rolling Stone describe it as "the best album ever made in Australia". He was a black Australia voice of protest.

Ep2 - Freedom Ride

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This film takes Charles Perkins back to Moree and Walgett and uses newsreel footage and dramatic reconstructions to retrace his story.

Ep1 - Broken English

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For 30 years, Arrernte man Rupert Max Stuart has maintained his innocence of the rape and murder of a young white girl. In Broken English, we hear from Max and those personally involved in the case.
August 2014

Episode of August 18, 2014

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Based on a true story about a notorious murder in Baarn in 1961. 16-year-old Simon befriends the wealthy van Riebeeck brothers and spends time in their magnificent home. The three agree to hide Ronnie, a petty criminal on the run, in their attic. But before long, Ronnie becomes a burden to them. Nominated for the Golden Calf at the Nederlands Film Festival, 2008. Directed by Arno Dierickx and stars Erik van Heijningen, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen and Derk Stenvers. (In Dutch, English subtit...