Blood, Sweat And Luxuries

January 2014

Episode 6 Blood, Sweat And Me

2.5 195 x
The final episode of the series sees the Brits return home to the UK. What have they learnt from this five week experience, and will they view their luxuries in the same way again?

Episode 5 Technology

3.0 318 x
The Brits travel to the Philippines to discover where components for our mp3 players, dvds and computers come from. It's a multi-million dollar industry where even 5 mistakes in one million are too many.

Episode 4 Gold/ Computers-Exwaste

3.0 158 x
This week the Brits travel to Ghana to mine one of our oldest and most precious luxuries, gold, but also discover the impact of one of Africa's newest imports, e-waste.
December 2013

Episode 3 Coffee

4.0 170 x
The Brits travel south to the famous coffee plantations of Yirgacheffe. Here, life gets even tougher as for the first time they have no help from a local family and must survive only on the wages paid to a coffee worker.

Episode 2 Leather

3.0 283 x
The Brits leave Madagascar and head to one of Africa's poorest countries, Ethiopia, and its capital Addis Ababa where they join some of the thousands of locals who rely on the leather industry to survive.

Episode 1 Gems

3.0 347 x
Six young British consumers swap their luxury lives for the simple mud huts and shanty towns of Africa and Asia to work alongside the people who mine, manufacture, process and recycle luxury goods.