Bloodlands catch up

June 2021

S1 Ep4

4.0 10 x
Tom Brannick enlists the help of Heather Pentland to find out what Jackie Twomey knows about Goliath.

S1 Ep3

4.0 4 x
Tom and Niamh launch a manhunt for Adam Corry, who has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Tori Matthews agrees to help Tom in the quest to identify Goliath, but as pressure builds on the police, Tom must confront the possibility Goliath may be someone close to him.

S1 Ep2

4.0 15 x
Tom continues to search for Pat's kidnapper, hoping they will lead him to Goliath. But somebody might be leading him down a false trail.
May 2021

S1 Ep1

4.0 9 x
A car is pulled from Strangford Lough, the owner kidnapped. DCI Tom Brannick recognises the calling card of a legendary assassin known as Goliath. The legend goes that he was a serving police officer who vanished without trace 20 years ago, and among his original victims was Tom's wife.