Blue Bloods

May 2019

Season 9, Episode 20

4.0 3 x
Erin must convince Frank to back a new state police bill that she bargained with the Governor. Danny and Baez pursue the same perp twice after the DA's office is unconvinced by their initial lineup.

Season 9, Episode 19

4.0 6 x
After Luis Delgado's wife is killed during a break-in, Danny teams up with Delgado to take down the vile murderer who may also be responsible for Linda's death. Meanwhile, Frank meets Eddie's mother.
March 2019

Season 9, Episode 17

3.0 17 x
Frank's friend Lenny reveals that an up-coming expose will air some of the NYPD's dirty laundry. Meanwhile, Erin must decide how to charge a doctor whose treatments led to the death of his daughter.

Season 9, Episode 16

3.0 12 x
After a woman is murdered in her apartment, Danny and Baez turn to her daughter for help, but instead she complicates the investigation.
February 2019

Season 9, Episode 15

3.0 15 x
Danny's nerves are shaken when he stumbles upon a robbery and is forced to use his gun. Frank learns that one of his top officers has a dark past, and Eddie gets useful info from a turnstile jumper.

Season 9, Episode 14

3.0 14 x
It's Reagan VS Reagan when Danny goes against Jamie's direct order during a hostage negotiation. Frank assists a distraught officer who accidentally shot an innocent girl, and Nicky asks Erin for help

Season 9, Episode 13

4.5 12 x
A medium claims to know what happened to a woman who was found dead of an apparent suicide. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie help a woman who bought cheap insulin online that nearly killed her son.

Season 9, Episode 12

3.5 16 x
Danny probes the murder of a star college basketball player linked to sports betting, Erin seeks justice in an apparent DUI and Frank feels guilty when a former officer waits on him at a restaurant.
January 2019

Season 9, Episode 11

3.0 10 x
Erin helps Anthony protect his daughter and ex-wife from a dangerous psychiatric patient. Danny and his neighbor learn their kids are dating, and Frank has a run-in with community activists.

Season 9, Episode 10

4.0 15 x
Frank demands to know who leaked video of officers clearly entrapping gang members. Danny probes the murder of a tabloid writer, and Eddie retaliates against a co-worker who is pranking Jamie.