Blue Bloods


Season 9, Episode 9

4.0 3 x
Frank orders anyone with an outstanding warrant to be rounded up after a video surfaces of cops being hassled by a group of people at an estate. Meanwhile, Nicky's new boyfriend has ulterior motives.
Episodes 2018

Season 9, Episode 7

4.0 8 x
The hitman responsible for torching Danny's house resurfaces. An attack on a cop in the line of duty directly impacts a member of Frank's team, and Eddie reluctantly introduces Jamie to her mother.

Season 9, Episode 6

4.0 10 x
Eddie and her new partner clash with Jamie on the job when they fail to intervene in a public dispute. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigate the death of a college freshman at a fraternity party.

Season 9, Episode 4

3.0 1 x
When New York City experiences a major blackout, cops scramble to contain the resulting chaos, and Frank uncovers some unpleasant truths about his department in the aftermath.

Season 9, Episode 2

3.0 12 x
Danny and Baez track down a former NYPD detective who may be a threat to Frank's safety. Jamie is transferred to a new precinct with a lot of problems, and Baker investigates an SVU detective.

Season 8, Episode 22

4.0 34 x
When a series of drive-by murders occurs after six wrongly convicted men are released from prison, Danny and Baez wonder if the murders were orchestrated by the men as an act of revenge.

Season 8, Episode 21

4.0 15 x
Frank clashes with a data-tracking company when it refuses to unlock a terrorist's phone that may hold information regarding upcoming targets. Erin obtains information about an impending murder.

Season 8, Episode 20

4.0 8 x
Danny resorts to asking his incarcerated archenemy for help locating a dangerous criminal who escaped from prison; Lugo refuses to assist unless he's allowed to accompany them on the pursuit.

Season 8, Episode 19

3.0 14 x
Danny and Baez race to find a missing girl who will die within 72 hours without her heart medication. Also, Jamie and Eddie are on the wrong side of an investigation after engaging in a car chase.

Season 8, Episode 18

4.0 21 x
Danny upsets a fellow detective when he re-examines an old murder case. Also, Eddie is shot while on duty, and Frank contends with an angry police force after the mayor Dutton fails to defend them.