Blue Heelers

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Blue Heelers

Maggie and PJ lock horns when a local activist is found shot dead. Is he a victim of irresponsible duck shooters or is the killer a lot closer to home?

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Season 1
Wayne experiences his first autopsy, and Tom is forced to press charges against a friend's daughter.
Maggie Doyle, the new cop in town, convinces a local girl to press rape charges against her violent boyfriend.
The return of a convicted child killer to Mount Thomas could have grave consequences for the town.
Wayne is accused of theft, and his future at the station hangs in the balance.
The fate of a small boy hangs in the balance due to a maze of untruths.
When her ex-husband is supposedly found dead, no-one is more surprised than Chris when she finds that he is very much alive.
A spate of armed robberies brings the Special Response Squad to Mt Thomas.
When the wife of a solicitor is arrested for shoplifting, Tom puts his reputation on the line to help a friend.
When a baby is found abandoned in Mt Thomas, he causes more trouble than anyone cares to imagine.
Maggie and Wayne investigate the harassment of an elderly lady, and Roz lands a job at the station.
Wayne returns to work after the shooting and a local drug dealer is exposed.
Shock waves surge through Mount Thomas when Wayne is shot and wounded by a couple of criminals.
There's a fatal car accident in Mount Thomas and what seventeen year old Clare Brady was doing behind the wheel of a local farmer's utility is anyone's guess.
A busy Sunday in Mount Thomas when Tom turns Marriage Counsellor, and the discovery of an abandoned child raises painful memories for Nick.
An annual racing event brings an array of colourful characters to Mount Thomas, and trouble for the cops when the population rapidly increases.
Roz decides she must give PJ information leading to the arrest of a client's husband and a retired cop looks set to become a permanent thorn in Tom's side.