Bob's Burgers


Season 7, Episode 10

Expired 4.0 213 x
Bob is sceptical about Gayle's cat, Mr. Business, having a career in showbiz until he realizes that Mr. Business' big break could be imminent.

Season 7, Episode 9

Expired 4.0 61 x
Valentine's Day is here and the kids each experience some love-related chaos, while Bob tries to impress Linda with a special romantic gesture.

Season 7, Episode 8

Expired 3.0 56 x
An ankle injury sees Tina enrolling in a program that has her sending a robot version of herself to class, where she has a surprising breakthrough with longtime crush Jimmy Jr.

Season 7, Episode 7

Expired 2.5 35 x
While Bob finds himself in the middle of a cutthroat gingerbread-house-building competition with the Mr. Fischoeder's raucous friends, Linda and Teddy take the kids Christmas caroling.

Season 7, Episode 6

Expired 1.5 52 x
Gene and Louise sabotage the annual pre-Thanksgiving Day play in order to assure their long weekend. Meanwhile, Linda stumbles upon a potato that bears a striking resemblance to her late grandfather.

Season 7, Episode 5

Expired 3.0 33 x
When Bob and Linda find themselves without a babysitter after Tina lands in school detention, they are forced to leave Gene and Louise home alone, where they get themselves in a sticky situation.

Season 7, Episode 4

Expired 4.0 41 x
The Belchers find themselves embroiled in a full-blown meat-fraud sting with the Health Inspectors after Bob secures a new meat provider who claims to save money on every order.

Season 7, Episode 3

Expired 3.0 42 x
When Tammy steals her super idea for the annual Halloween-costume contest, Tina is forced to use an otherworldly method of winning. Meanwhile, Bob tries to catch the thief who is stealing his pumpkins

Season 7, Episode 2

Expired 3.0 57 x
Teddy hopes to impress his ex-wife by inviting her to a day trip on his recently refurbished boat, while Tina tries to prove she's ready for her own cell phone by taking care of Bob's prized eraser.

Season 7, Episode 1

Expired 4.0 65 x
In the Season 7 premiere, a flu-ridden Louise experiences a wild fever dream that takes her on a manic adventure filled with scary toys, familiar people and outrageous musical numbers.