Body Bizarre

August 2019

Episode 10 (Fat Baby and My Missing Face)

4.3 130 x
A US girl born without legs becomes a top gymnast. In Colombia, a fat baby baffles doctors. In Zambia a girl faces surgery to repair a split face. In England a woman whose legs won't stop growing searches for a solution.

Episode 9 (My Alien Baby and the Butterfly Boy)

4.0 28 x
In India a baby is born with an enormous head. A Canadian boy has butterfly skin. A Filipino teen has the body of a 100-year-old woman. A Brazilian woman cries crystals and an English woman who has brittle bones defies the odds.
July 2019

Episode 8 (My Face Is Killing Me and I'm Turning To Stone)

3.0 35 x
A Moroccan boy's face tumour could kill him. An inspirational South African born with no limbs. An English woman who's turning to stone. A German boy finds the perfect use for his enormous arm and an Indian girl survives an acid attack.

Episode 7 ('Monkey God' Boy and I Can't Stop Growing)

4.5 36 x
Featuring an eight foot tall teen, a boy from India who possesses his own tail, a man with super sized muscles, an Italian woman suffering from a condition that has split her hands and feet, and a mum tackling a skin disease.

Episode 6 (Conjoined Twins: Life or Death)

3.0 11 x
Brazilian conjoined twins who share vital organs face risky separation surgery. In India, 12-year-old boys joined at the waist are inseparable, and twin sisters share a boyfriend. Filipino twins joined at the head face an uncertain future.

Episode 4 (My 150lbs Stomach Tumor and The Man Who Can't Stop Shaking)

4.0 28 x
A Frenchman with a rare shaking condition. An American woman's huge stomach tumour. A young Peruvian boy's sideways feet. The India a boy who doesn't stop growing and the Brazilian woman who is South America's shortest mother.
June 2019

Episode 3 (Village of Vampires and Giant Limbs)

4.0 52 x
A Brazilian village that fears the sun, a South African woman has giant legs, and an armless American mother. A girl's tongue won't stop growing, and a revisit with a Mexican boy who faces another surgery to remove a neck tumour.

Episode 1 (The Brothers Who Will Never Grow Up and a Field of Little People)

4.0 61 x
A Chinese woman battles a rare aging condition. An American girl with just half a body tackles life. A soccer team of little people fights prejudice in Brazil. Filipino brothers will never grow up and a baby is born with a protruding brain.
April 2019

Episode 5 (World's Fattest Child, a Human Werewolf, and the Girl Who Cries Blood)

3.0 92 x
Young Dominican woman cries blood; world's fattest child has insatiable appetite; young girl trapped behind werewolf's face.

Episode 4 (Footless Footballer, World's Oldest Mum, and a Family Plague)

4.0 24 x
Child soccer prodigy has no feet; triplets have Crouzon's syndrome; woman gives birth at 66.