November 2017

Season 1, Episode 5 (Pooh! Is That You Bertie? Guest Starring Al Murray)

3.0 54 x
Al Murray is waiting for Bookaboo to get on stage however no-one is there... This is not a problem for Al, as he has brought the Bookabag with Pooh! Is That You Bertie? by David Roberts, to help Bookaboo find his bojo.

Season 1, Episode 4 (Splat The Cat With Ben Shephard)

3.0 17 x
Ben Shephard is a huge fan and is desperate to see one of Bookaboo's incredible live performances! Seeing he needs some encouragement Ben knows that reading Splat The Cat by Rob Scotton always gets his bojo.
September 2017

Season 2, Episode 4 (A Visitor For Bear)

3.7 44 x
Bear doesn't like visitors. He even has a sign to warn them off. So when a small, grey, bright-eyed mouse appears on his doorstep while he's making breakfast, he is furious!

Season 2, Episode 3 (The Wolf's Story)

3.0 37 x
This funny version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' is retold from a fresh perspective - the Wolf's!

Season 2, Episode 2 (Burger Boy)

3.0 27 x
Benny liked burgers. Benny LOVED burgers. Burgers were the only food that Benny would eat. "You'll turn into a burger one day," his mum warned. And one day, Benny did.

Season 2, Episode 1 (Mum And Dad Glue)

3.0 20 x
A little boy tries to find a pot of parent glue to stick his mum and dad back together. His parents have come undone and he wants to mend their marriage, stick their smiles back on and make them better.

Season 1, Episode 13 (Whatever Guest Starring David Seaman)

3.0 3 x
David Seaman waits for the concert to start, Bookaboo is missing! Armed with his favourite story book 'Whatever' by William Bee, he uses all his skills to tackle the problem of getting Bookaboo on stage.

Season 1, Episode 12 (Class Two At The Zoo Guest Starring Robson Green)

3.0 11 x
Bookaboo has been running around searching for someone to share a book with him until out of the dark appears actor Robson Green carrying the Bookabag and inside is Class Two at the Zoo - by Julia Jarman.

Season 1, Episode 11 (Norma Snows Guest Starring Dame Kelly Holmes)

3.0 7 x
Dame Kelly Holmes runs at super speed to find out where Bookaboo has gone. Armed with the Bookabag and 'Norma Snows' - by Paula Metcalf, can Kelly get Bookaboo to cross the finish line before it is too late?

Season 1, Episode 10 (That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown Guest Starring Amanda Holden)

3.0 20 x
Amanda Holden pops backstage with the Bookabag and 'That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown' by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton. Will Amanda be able to put the stars back in Bookaboo's eyes?