Border Security

October 2017

Season 13 Episode 19

4.7 244 x
A man arriving from Colombia appears extremely nervous and behaves erratically when his belongings are tested.

Thu 5 Oct

3.0 56 x
A major bust by Border Force officers when a New Zealand man is stopped at the border.
September 2017

Season 13 Episode 18

3.0 61 x
A woman arriving from Singapore refuses to open her suitcase when stopped by Border Force.

Season 13, Episode 16

4.0 48 x
Officers are concerned when they find drug paraphernalia in the luggage of a young Peruvian woman. An Indian man looks to be lying about his intentions while in Australia.
August 2017

Season 13, Episode 4

4.0 59 x
A group of travellers arrive with an unusual story. Biosecurity officers find a dangerous concealment, but things get heated when they are caught red-handed.

Season 13, Episode 15

3.0 69 x
A young Australian seems to be up to something illegal and a Chinese couple are potentially hiding something that could have devastating consequences.

Wed 16 Aug

3.0 42 x
Officers are put on high alert when an ex drug addict claims to be trafficking heroin into Australia.

Season 1, Episode 207

4.5 89 x
The reaction from a drug detector dog and a positive swab test has officers on high alert. An Italian man is found carrying something that may threaten Australia's biosecurity.

Wed 2 Aug

3.0 70 x
A detector dog leads officers to a family arriving from Cambodia and a massive concealment. Also, a passenger arriving from the Middle East causes biosecurity concern when he fails to declare.
July 2017

Season 13, Episode 7

3.0 29 x
A drug detector dog leads officers to three Taiwanese students and the discovery of an inhumane substance in their possession. A Chinese passenger is caught red handed with concerning animal parts.