Border Security


Season 13, Episode 6

3.0 3 x
The Border Force compliance team execute a thrilling pre-dawn raid on a north Queensland farmhouse as they search for illegal immigrants.

Season 1, Episode 215

3.0 18 x
The man who set up two elderly Australians is caught at the border. Also, a man is travelling on a Chinese passport which officers believe could be fraudulent.

Wed 28 Jun

4.0 11 x
An unsuspecting elderly couple are found to be carrying a supply of something illegal and possibly deadly. Also, biosecurity catch a Vietnamese couple with a bag full of restricted items.

Season 13, Episode 8

4.0 6 x
Authorities are concerned about an erratic Chilean woman, whom they suspect is trafficking drugs. A Malaysian man's bags test positive for traces of narcotics.

Season 13, Episode 5

3.5 20 x
Officers are worried that a Chinese national may be a drug trafficker when they discover her unusual movements. A South Korean student is pulled aside over undeclared cigarettes.

Tue 25 Oct

4.0 60 x
A Vietnamese man causes concern when he claims he doesn't know what's in his bag. Officers fear the worst when an x-ray shows something suspicious. Officers find a deadly concealment in a kid's toy.

Wed 28 Sep

3.0 25 x
Officers spot a traveller behaving very strangely and he acts up when he's caught out breaking the law. Also, a US citizen is detained when officers suspect he's been working unlawfully.

Wed 21 Sep

3.0 24 x
An English Ex-Con tries to hide his dangerous past and it could stop him from entering to meet his new born granddaughter.

Wed 14 Sep

3.0 25 x
Officers are on high alert when an Italian man's luggage appears to have been tampered with and they suspect they're dealing with a drug courier.

Wed 7 Sep

3.0 41 x
Officers fear a cocaine user may be smuggling drugs in a dangerous place after his quick trip to South America.
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