Border Security - America's Front Line

October 2019

Episode 26

3.0 43 x
At JFK, officers discover cocaine concealed inside a Caribbean cocktail. A Chinese student hopes to get a pass from CBP after overstaying his visa.

Episode 27

3.0 14 x
CBP questions a pair of real estate entrepreneurs bound for Florida. In Blaine, a Canadian traveller's US investments are cause for concern.

Episode 28

4.0 6 x
Officers discover a traveller is driving without a license after he wound up at the border by mistake. A US resident returns from the Dominican Republic with an unusual package.
September 2019

Episode 23

3.0 12 x
CBP questions a Canadian attempting to enter the US with three of his American family members. An officer has no time for a Swiss traveller's watch declaration.

Episode 24

4.0 4 x
A Nicaraguan traveller wants to visit his American girlfriend but CBP is concerned he may not leave. In Blaine, a traveller's plan to start an e-vape venture may go up in smoke.

Episode 25

3.0 10 x
At Detroit Metro Airport, a Japanese traveller must make a difficult decision. An officer discovers something seedy at the mail facility in Chicago.

Episode 17 - 22 Sep 2019

3.0 13 x
In New York City, a laptop belonging to a Caribbean traveller does not compute. A young Brit arrives at Detroit Metro Airport to visit an American cyber pal.

Episode 18

4.0 5 x
In Port Huron, a strong odour leads to secondary for two Americans. An officer discovers gold at Chicago O'Hare Airport. Travellers follow the letter of the law when questioned in Blaine.

Episode 16

4.0 6 x
In Buffalo, officers suspect a fertilizer salesman may be cultivating a lie. A Canadian crosses the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit by mistake, and her bag of medicinal marijuana may cost her.

Episode 21 - 15 Sep 2019

4.0 3 x
At Detroit Metro Airport, a pregnant Chinese national has CBP asking questions. An airline security breach on the tarmac leads officers to a jet bound for Haiti.