Border Security - America's Front Line

June 2017

Season 1, Episode 15

3.0 5 x
At Detroit Metro Airport, a traveller minding manners may need to mind his story instead.

Season 1, Episode 14

3.0 7 x
JFK Airport officers' expertise in telltale body language pays off.
January 2017

Sun 15 Jan, season 1 episode 8

4.0 5 x
Go behind-the-scenes of our nation's immigration, customs and quarantine departments.

Sun 8 Jan, season 1 episode 7

3.0 7 x
In New York, a traveller carries a questionable past on his back. Contraband arrives at the mail facility by the bushel.
December 2016

Sun 18 Dec, season 1 episode 6

4.0 6 x
In Michigan, the canine unit uncovers double trouble. Bloodstained baggage is found at Detroit Metro Airport. In New York, an air passenger is shaking in secondary.

Thu 15 Dec, season 1 episode 4

3.0 4 x
Detroit's Ambassador Bridge officers make an auto theft arrest. Vials turn up by the dozen at the JFK Mail Facility. In New York, a traveller is showing signs of possible smuggling.

December 12, 2016

3.0 5 x
A tense traveller returns from a short trip to Colombia with an unusual amount of luggage. Also, a package from India is stopped at the door, and cargo officers are reading into the leaves.

Sun 4 Dec, season 1 episode 2

3.0 6 x
A traveller claims he's flown in for a wedding, but officers don't believe his vows. Meanwhile, in Detroit, an unconventional Canadian is fuming in secondary.
November 2016

Sun 11 Mar, season 1 episode 1

3.0 16 x
Packaged sweets leave a sour taste at JFK Airport. Also, a Dutch traveller may be making hay of his trip stateside and a case of mistaken identity for one traveller in Washington State.
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