Brave New World With Stephen Hawking

March 2015

S1 Ep5 - Biology

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Biology - The experts unearth the amazing breakthroughs that are transforming the resilience and strength of the human body. Mark Evans joins the bio-prospectors in Central America exploring the untapped reserves of the oceans for life-changing drugs; Aarathi Prasad meets the remarkable old people who could hold the secret to a long and healthy life; and Robert Winston explores how our behaviour and environment may be influencing the genes of future generations in ways we once thought impossibl...

S1 Ep4 - Environment

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Environment - Science turns superhero as it battles to save the planet and preserve the human race. In California, physicist Jim Al-Khalili sees how the power of the world's largest laser could create a fuel to answer all our needs, while Sir David Attenborough helps collect the DNA of an elephant for the Frozen Ark - a project to save all the world's species from extinction. Meanwhile, Mark Evans discovers a scientist in Holland who is growing pork in a petri dish; a way to feed the world and ...
February 2015

S1 Ep3 - Technology

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Technology - A team of experts explore how 21st-century technology is shaping our future by changing the way we live, the way we communicate and our perception of the universe. Physicist Kathy Sykes explores how our mobile phones can give experts access to our every habit and action; designer Max Lamb witnesses the dawn of a new era in manufacturing; environmental scientist Tara Shine visits an experimental new city in the desert; and Stephen Hawking charts the rise of the former internet entre...

S1 Ep2 - Health

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Health - A team of experts examine how scientists are battling the world's big killer diseases. Biologist Aarathi Prasad joins virus hunters in the jungles of Africa, Robert Winston sees first-hand how the surgeons of the future could be robots, and Richard Dawkins investigates the way brain disorders might one day be treated using laser light. Anatomist Joy Reidenberg discovers two possible solutions to the killer disease malaria, while Aarathi Prasad looks at a revolutionary new cancer treatm...

S1 Ep1 - Machines

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Machines - A team of experts showcase breakthroughs in technology and engineering. Mark Evans fuses his brain with a computer in Switzerland, while Kathy Sykes heads to San Francisco to experience the future of transport in a driverless car. In Italy, Jim Al-Khalili comes face to face with a remarkable, baby-like robot called iCub, which learns like a child. Joy Reidenberg discovers the extraordinary exoskeleton that can make the paralysed walk, and Maggie Aderin-Pocock visits one of the world'...