Britain's Oldest Family Businesses

March 2017

S1 Ep3 - Durtnells

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Durtnells - In this episode we learn about Kent-based R Durtnell and Sons, who’ve been builders since the time of Elizabeth I. They are Britain’s oldest family building business, and properties built by their ancestors as far back as the 1590s are still standing to this day. 38 year-old Alex Durtnell has recently taken over from his father at a difficult time in the industry and 7000 construction companies have gone bankrupt since the financial crash in 2008. He hopes his journey into the histo...

S1 Ep2 - Toye

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Toye - In the second episode we learn about Toye and Co who make items of regalia such as medals, uniforms and ceremonial clothing. They use traditional techniques to make items for the military, exclusive societies, foreign leaders and even for The Queen. The business has been handed down from father to son for hundreds of years but for the first time, a woman is in charge. Fiona Toye goes on a journey to see how the business has evolved and survived for generations. Meeting with historians an...

S1 Ep1 - Balson

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Balson - Today there are more than three million family-run businesses in Britain. Only fifteen percent of these companies will survive beyond the third generation, and most will go bust within twenty years. But against the odds, a select group of family businesses have endured more than 300 years, withstanding 47 recessions, the start of the Industrial revolution and the end of horsepower, the defeat of Napoleon, two world wars, and the rise of internet shopping. This series reveals the extrao...