Building The Dream

May 2020

24. Kent

4.0 4 x
Tracie and Craig want to knock down Tracie's childhood bungalow in Kent and replace it with a bold, contemporary house.

23. Yorkshire

3.0 2 x
Rob and Claire Hartley are building a farmhouse on a spectacular site on their Yorkshire farm. Charlie Luxton has to step in as their budget - and roof - feel the strain.

Episode 22 - 22 Jul 2019

3.0 12 x
Charlie Luxton heads to East Sussex, where paramedic Steve and his partner Hannah are self-building a straw-bale house in a beautiful woodland glade.

19 Jul 2019 - Episode 21

4.0 6 x
Charlie helps fellow architect Jamie Ashton and his fiancée Joanne Scurr to self-build the perfect family home in Hull without compromising on design.
April 2020

S1 E20 - Hertfordshire

3.0 4 x
Charlie's in Herefordshire to meet a young couple who are desperate to build their first home together before they get married, in just twelve month's time.

S1 E19 - Norfolk

4.0 0 x
Charlie heads East, where Gavin Panella and Chantal Schaul are self-building a little bit of continental Europe in the heart of Norfolk.

S1 E18 - Devon 1

4.0 0 x
Charlie heads to Devon to help glass-blower, Siddy Langley save her business by self-building a combined home and studio.
March 2020

Episode 15 - 11 Jul 2019

4.0 0 x
Charlie's in Cheshire to help a retired couple realise their dream of a modern eco-home.
February 2020

Episode 12 - 08 Jul 2019

4.0 8 x
Charlie helps Richard Southgate and his wife Kate as they build a five-bedroom family-home in the beautiful, Shropshire countryside.

05 Jul 2019 - Episode 11

3.0 7 x
Charlie's in the North East of England with Andy and Mandy Boylett. They're building a huge dormer bungalow complete with basement and sunken garden in the back garden of their current home.